Industrial Reverse Osmosis System
Shede provides industrial-grade reverse osmosis water treatment equipment and customizes RO water equipment for different sizes and needs.
●  System Capacity & Scale Customization
●  Water Quality Requirements Customization
●  Material Customization
●  Control System Customization


Industrial ro water system, through the use of semi-permeable membranes, 
use high-pressure pumps to push water towards the membrane, 
separating purified water and wastewater, thereby removing dissolved substances, 
salts and impurities in the water, and providing high-quality purified water.

Water Supply


Pressure Pump

Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Pure Water Collection
Control system

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Diagram


With the capacity to handle at least 500 liters of water per day uncapped, Shede Reverse Osmosis systems can be customized to meet your water treatment needs, systems vary in size and configuration, and come with stainless steel film housing and lightweight powder-coated aluminum frames to increase the durability of these systems.

500/1000/1200/2000 Gpd Ro System

A relatively medium water yield RO system that is commonly used in small commercial,
light industrial and small water treatment plant.

10000 Gpd Ro System

High water yield RO system can treat 10,000 gallons of raw water per day to 
produce high-quality clean water that used in industrial manufacturing, agricultural irrigation ,
large RO plant.


The purity of the water depends on the quantity and specification of the reverse osmosis Membrane. 
In general, the greater the number of ro membranes, the higher the purity of the water.

2/3/4 Stage Ro System

The system can achieve a purity level of approximately 90-98% and the quality of water is improved by 2,3, and 4 different RO membrane stages, which are generally used in seawater desalination, food processing or production, pharmaceuticals, electronic manufacturing and other fields.

5/6/7 Stage Ro System

The system can achieve a purity level of 99% or higher.
Multi stage reverse osmosis purification of water is suitable for some specific applications with high water quality requirements,such as semiconductor manufacturing,laboratory research,biotechnology,aerospace.


Industrial Sand Filters

Quartz sand filters use quartz sand as a filter media to effectively remove suspended solids, impurities and particles from water.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters use activated carbon to absorb pollutants such as organic matter and chlorine, provide clean water and remove odors.

Precision Filter

Precision filters use microporous membranes or fibers to efficiently remove small particles and microorganisms and maintain high purity of water, air or fluids.

High Pressure Pump

The high-pressure pump is responsible for pushing water into the reverse osmosis membrane to generate the required high pressure to overcome the osmotic resistance of dissolved substances in the water.

Control Cabinet

The control cabinet of the RO system is to monitor the reverse osmosis process, adjust parameters, and alarm processing to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the system and provide pure water.

Ro Membrane

RO membranes are semi-permeable membranes that separate water molecules from salts, dissolved substances and pollutants through physical processes to produce high-quality pure water.


System Capacity & Scale Customization

Depending on the customer's water treatment needs, the treatment capacity and scale of the RO system can be customized for medium-sized industrial use, or large urban water supply projects.

Customized Water Quality Requirements

Depending on the water source, the RO system is customized to deal with specific water quality issues, such as the removal of salts, heavy metals, organic matter or microorganisms.

Material Selection

Select the right materials for your specific application, including reverse osmosis membranes, pipes, valves and seals, to ensure the durability and performance of your system.

Control System Customization

According to customer needs, customized automatic control system to monitor and adjust system operating parameters, to achieve intelligent control and remote monitoring.
As one of industrial reverse osmosis system manufacturers,Shede can design and provide plan about water purification programs.



Industrial reverse osmosis systems use semi-permeable membrane technology to separate salts and impurities in seawater from fresh water, and remove microorganisms, particulates and organic matter from seawater and provide high-quality water quality.

Power Plants

Power plants typically require large amounts of water for cooling, boiler supply, and wastewater treatment. Industrial ro water system can be used to treat surface water, river water or other water sources to provide high-quality cooling water.

Chemical Plant

Chemical plants use industrial ro system to treat water sources to meet water quality requirements in manufacturing and production processes. This includes the removal of chemicals, dissolved substances and particulates, ensuring quality consistency.

Sewage Plant

Reverse osmosis in wastewater treatment purify sewage and remove harmful substances and microorganisms to meet discharge standards or to recycle water resources for reuse. This helps to reduce environmental pollution and achieve sustainable water management.

Pharmaceutical Industry

RO systems are used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce high purity water, such as water for injection and purified water, and can effectively remove ions, microorganisms, organic matter and other impurities from water, ensuring the quality and safety of the final product.

Food Processing

RO systems are used to treat influent water used for food processing, removing contaminants, microorganisms and harmful substances from the water. This ensures the quality and safety of the water used in food manufacturing, preventing the risk of contaminating the food.
Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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