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Multiport Valve Manufacturers
We offer different types of Multiport valve, such as manual multiport valve and auto multiport valve. They have multiple ports, each serving a specific purpose, and it is commonly used in sand filters, which are part of water treatment and purification systems.
1.Multiple Ports
2.Filtering Mode
3.Backwashing Mode
4.Rinsing Mode

Manual multiport valve

Simple design with intuitive levers or knobs at affordable prices.
Different function modes for manual control of valves.

Auto multiport valve

With automatic control function and multiple operations.
Made of corrosion-resistant materials for long life and stability.

Multiple Ports

Valve has multiple ports, each serving a specific function.These ports are labeled with different settings such as Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Waste, Recirculate & Closed.

Filtering Mode

This is the default setting where water passes through the filter, removing impurities and particles.

Backwashing Mode

Reverses the flow of water through the filter to flush out accumulated debris and clean the filter media.

Rinsing Mode

After backwashing, the system enters a rinsing mode to settle the filter media and prepare it for the next filtering cycle.

Waste Mode

Allows water to bypass the filter and be directed to waste without undergoing the filtration process. Useful for lowering water levels or removing debris.

Recirculate Mode

Water is bypassed from the filter and returned to the pool or system without passing through the filter. This mode is used when filtered water is not required.

Closed Mode

Shuts off the flow of water through the system. This setting is typically used during maintenance or repairs.

Durable Construction

Multiport valves are usually constructed with durable materials such as ABS or PVC to withstand the demands of water treatment environments.

Easy Operation

Designed for user-friendly operation, allowing users to manually select different modes easily. Available in manual and automatic models.


Multiport valves are designed to be compatible with various filtration systems, including sand filters commonly used in swimming pools and other water treatment applications.

Swimming Pool

  • They are commonly used in swimming pool filtration systems that utilize sand filters. They allow pool owners to control the filtration process, backwash the filter, rinse the system, and perform other necessary functions to maintain water quality.

Water Treatment Systems

  • Multiport valves are employed in larger-scale water treatment plants that purify water for municipal or industrial use. They play a crucial role in controlling the flow of water through different stages of the treatment process, including filtration and backwashing.

Sand Filter

  • Industries often use water in various processes, and Multiport Valves can be integrated into industrial water filtration systems to control the purification process, remove impurities, and ensure the quality of water used in manufacturing.

Irrigation Systems

  • Multiport valves can be part of irrigation systems, helping control the flow of water through filters to ensure that irrigation water is free from debris and sediment, preventing clogging of irrigation lines and nozzles.
Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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