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SBR Water Decanter for Effluent Treatment

● Used in the SBR process to regularly remove the clarified water.
● Decant the clarified water from the surface of the static pool without stirring the sediment and ensure the quality of the effluent.
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Product Description

Product Description

Since the SBR process adopts batch reaction, water intake, reaction, sedimentation, and drainage are completed in the same tank, without the need for secondary sedimentation tanks and sludge return equipment, so it has the advantages of less land occupation, less investment, high efficiency, and good effluent quality.

Product Parameter

model Ttreatment capacity(m3/h) effluent weir length(mm) water flow speed(L/ms) decanting water depth(mm) embedded motor power(kw)
Shede-Ⅰ 800 8000 ≤30 0-2500 DN400 1.5
Shede-Ⅱ 900 8000 ≤30 0-2500 DN400 1.5
Shede-Ⅲ 1000 9000 ≤30 0-2500 DN450 1.5
Shede-4 1200 10000 ≤30 0-2500 DN450 1.5
Shede-5 1400 10000 ≤30 0-2500 DN500 1.5
Shede-6 1600 11000 ≤30 0-2500 DN550 1.5
Shede-7 2000 15000 ≤30 0-2500 DN650 1.5

Product Dimension

Water Decanter

Product Features

1. The decanter can design the decanting depth according to the process requirements.

2. Using PLC program-controlled intelligent drive, the decanter quickly moves the decanter weir from the parking position to below the water surface after receiving the drainage command, and drains the supernatant after it is still, and drains back and forth. When the decanter reaches the minimum water level, the liquid level switch placed at the minimum water level sends a return command, and the decanter quickly returns to the original parking position to complete a working cycle.

3. Within the specified load range of the weir mouth, the liquid level under the weir mouth will not be disturbed. The weir is equipped with buoys and slag retaining boards to ensure the quality of the effluent.

4. The special design ensures that the gravity of the decanter and the buoyancy are basically balanced, so that the driving power consumption is very low.

5. The stainless steel rigid connection from the decanter to the main drain pipe avoids the disadvantages of high failure rate, short life and heavy maintenance work caused by soft connection.

6. The whole decanter has a strong bracket, which can withstand various stresses during work.

Product Application

SBR Decanters in municipal sewage and industrial wastewater. It is widely used in the treatment of industrial wastewater (waste liquid) in papermaking, alcohol, dyes, pesticides, leather, viscose, monosodium glutamate, sugar and other industries.

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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