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Dissolved Air Flotation for Sewage Disposal

● Suitable for sewage disposal,industrial wastewater treatment and other fields.It can purify water quality by removing suspended matter in water by using the attachment and uplift of air bubbles and pollutant particles.
●  Composed of dissolved air device, agitator, foam generating area, reaction tank, cleaning device, control system, etc.  
● According to the amount of water to be treated, water quality requirements, etc. and your process requirements, we custom design the air flotation machine. 
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Product Description

Product Description

Product Parameter

Model Capacity (m3/h) Return pump power(kw) Air compressor power ( KW) Slag scraper power(kw) Mainbody dimension(m) The main material Control cabinet
SDDAF-5 5 3 3 0.55 3×1.2×1.2 Carbon steel anticorrosion/Stainless steel The main components are Mitsubishi/Siemens/Chint
SDDAF-10 10 3 3 0.55 4×1.5×1.2
SDDAF-20 20 4 4 0.55 5.5×1.5×1.5
SDDAF-30 30 4 4 0.55 7×1.8×1.5
SDDAF-50 50 5.5 4 0.55 7.5×2.2×1.8
SDDAF-80 80 7.5 5.5 0.55 9.5×2.2×2.2
SDDAF-100 100 7.5 5.5 0.75 12×2.2×2.2
SDDAF-150 150 11 5.5 0.75 14×2.8×2.2
SDDAF-200 200 15 5.5 0.75 16.5×2.8×2.4
SDDAF-300 300 18.5 7.5 1.1 17.5×4×2.4
SDDAF-400 400 22 7.5 1.1 20×4.2×2.6
SDDAF-500 500 30 7.5 1.1 24×4.4×2.6

Product Dimension


Product Application

dissolved air flotation equipment

Remove fine SS(suspended solids,)algae and micro-flocs.(such as landscape water river water purification and advanced treatment of wastewater)

Remove and recovery of suspended oil & grease. (such as petrochemical wastewater.oil re-injection water

treatment,biodiesel and food factory wastewater)

Biochemical effluentreplace the second sedimentation tank.


electroplatingchemical pharmacypaper making, printing and dyeingtanning fermentation, food,etc.

Product Advantages

1.Advantages of materials: The shell is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance; the material of the dissolved air flotationis made of polymer material or stainless steel, which has high chemical corrosion resistance.

2.Efficient removal of suspended solids: the dissolved air flotation machine uses gas to separate the suspended solids out of the water body, the treatment effect is remarkable, and can effectively reduce the suspended solids content in the water body.

3.Simple and reliable structure: the dissolved air flotation machine is small in size, occupies a small area, and has a simple and reliable structure, easy to operate and maintain;

4.High degree of automation: It can be used in conjunction with the automatic control system to realize automatic operation, monitoring and adjustment, and reduce manual intervention.

The air flotation machine is also used in conjunction with the dosing device. Whether the dosing amount is reasonable is the key to determining the quality of the treated water.

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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