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Filter Nozzles for Water Treatment

● The water treatment filter nozzle is a device used for water treatment and filtration. It is mainly used to filter and clean suspended solids, impurities and sediments in the water.
● It is mainly made of materials such as PP and ABS and has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.
●There are many types of filter caps, which can be selected according to your needs.
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Product Description

Product Parameter

Model Water Flow Dome's Slot Width Snap Rring's Diameter Stem Thread Stem Diameter And Height( Not Contain Domes) Material Components
T/H mm mm mm mm
HS-DC-1 0.5 0.4
3 29/240 PP/ABS Stem/Dome/Snap ring/ Socket
HS-DC-2 0.25 0.3 25 1.5 20/43
HS-DC-3 1 0.25 60 1.5 32/50
HS-DC-4 0.5 0.4
3 29/100
HS-DC-5 0.5 1 45-60 1.5 25/48
HS-DC-6 0.5 0.25 46 2.5 23/48
HS-DC-7 0.5 0.25 45-46 1.5 25/48
HS-DC-8 0.5 0.25 54-55 1.5 20/58

Product Type

Our company's Special backwash filter for aerated biological filter ( BAF) is made of high quality ABS plastic, and consists of four parts: filter cap, filter rod, embedded casing, anti-blocking filter cap. Total length of special backwash filter for aerated biological filter is φ420 mm, which is longer than that of the general backwash filter. The filter plate is made of reinforced concrete, these two items need to be applied to the biological filter together.

Filter Nozzles for Water Treatment

Product Principle

nozzle sand filter

Product Advantages

● High-efficiency filtration: It can accurately filter particles, suspended solids and microorganisms in the water through a structure composed of multiple small holes and filter materials, with high filtration efficiency.

● Easy to clean: simple structure, easy to clean and maintain, and will not cause secondary pollution to water quality.

Product Application

Water treatment sand filter nozzle is suitable for water treatment in various fields, such as industrial water treatment; drinking water treatment, etc. It can improve water quality and protect the environment.

filter nozzles

water filter nozzle

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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