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Frp Tank for Water Treatment

● Frp tank is a new type of composite material that is mainly made of glass fiber as a reinforcing agent and resin as a binder, wound by a microcomputer-controlled machine.
● Frp panel tanks have excellent corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of a variety of chemicals and corrosive media.
● When selecting and using frp storage tanks, they need to be designed and customized based on the specific application requirements and characteristics of the liquid being stored.
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Product Description

FRP Tank is a kind of nonmetallic composite which is made of resin and fiberglass are made of high quality composite material HDPE liner,with blow molding technique, it provides continuous seamless inner liner shell.

FRP tanks are widely used for RO system and softeners.FRP tanks are widely used in food, printing, chemical, pharmaceutical industries etc.

Product Parameter

Model Specification Aperture Recommended traffic Volume(L)
817 φ200×435 2.5" 0.1-0.3 11.2
835 φ200×890 2.5" 0.2-0.4 24
844 φ200×1110 2.5" 0.2-0.5 32
1035 φ250×913 2.5" 0.5-1.0 38.5
1054 φ250×1390 2.5" 0.6-1.5 61.8
1252 φ300×1340 2.5” 1.6-2.2 84.8
1265 φ300×1640 2.5" 1.8-2.4 106.2
1452 φ350×1390 2.5" 2.0-2.5 103.5
1465 φ350×1640 2.5" 2.5-3.0 145.5
1665 φ400×1640 2.5" 3.2-4.5 186
2069 φ500×1750 4" 4.0-5.5 325
2472 φ600×1850 4” 6.2-8.2 440
3072 φ750*1850 4” 7.2-12.2 675
3672 φ900×1850 4" 13.2-16.2 1080
4072 φ1000×1940 4" 14.3-19.5 1240

Product Advantage

● Corrosion resistance: Frp water tanks have excellent corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of various chemicals and corrosive media.

● Low maintenance costs: Maintenance costs are relatively low and usually only require regular cleaning and inspection because they are not prone to rust, corrosion or being affected by the external environment.

● Wide Availability: Suitable for a variety of liquid storage needs including drinking water, wastewater, chemicals, petroleum products, agricultural chemicals, and more.

● Durability: Has a long service life, providing long-term reliability.

Product Application

Fiberglass storage tanks are suitable for water treatment, chemical industry and wastewater treatment and other fields.

frp chemical storage tanks

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