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Mud Scraper for Sludge Thickener Tank And Secondary Clarifier

● The mud scraper is a kind of machine that cleans the silt from the river. It is used in circular sedimentation tanks with large diameters in urban sewage treatment plants, waterworks and industrial wastewater treatment to remove the sewage settled at the bottom of the pool. Mud and skim the scum off the surface of the pool.
● The mud scraper is composed of a driving device, a working bridge, a main mud scraping device, an auxiliary mud scraping device, a central turntable, a scum skimming device, an overflow weir plate and a slag retaining plate, and a current collecting device. For the sedimentation tank with water outlet around the center water inlet, it is generally necessary to set up a guide tube. It is used to achieve the best sedimentation and sludge discharge effect.
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Product Description

Product Parameter

Model diameter of tank(m) power of motor(kw) Depth of sedimentation tank material
shede-6 6 0.37-4.4 3-5.6 SS304/316
shede-10 10
shede-20 20
shede-30 30
shede-40 40
shede-55 55
shede-60 60
shede-100 100

Mud scraper for sludge thickener tank and secondary clarifier

Sludge scraper for clarifier mainly by the bridge, and driving mechanism, working center bearing, scraping the city-state scraping the arm, stabilized tube, scum on a plate etc. Scraping the arm in the driving mechanism to lead, around the pool center axis rotation, installation in blow on the arm of a group of scraping the city-state with rotating arm in scraping, in the bottom of the sludge sedimentation blowing pool center mud collecting pool, at the same time, the scum of the liquid surface in scum scraper surrounding slag dam form the diffuser area concentration, scraping by scum on the steaks to set a slag, ejecting pool outside.

Schematic Drawing

Mud Scraper for Sludge

Product Features

1. The mud scraper adopts a logarithmic spiral curve form, and is supported by rubber wheels to walk along the bottom of the pool. The mud scraping effect is good, the requirements for the bottom of the pool are low, and the adaptability is good;

2. In addition to the main mud scraping device, a unique auxiliary mud scraping device is also installed, so that the half bridge mud scraper can play the effect of the full bridge mud scraper;

3. The working bridge adopts truss structure, and the bridge deck is laid with steel grating, which has high strength, light weight and low energy consumption;

4. The driving wheel is a solid rubber wheel, no track is needed, the structure is simple, and the installation is convenient;

5. The underwater parts are all made of stainless steel, and the above water parts are made of carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life.

Mud Scraper for Sludge Thickener Tank

Product Application

Scope of application The central drive mud scraper can be widely used in sewage treatment projects in urban, chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries.

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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