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Tube Diffuser for Water Treatment

● The fine bubble tube diffuser is a device used to provide oxygen to water bodies.
● Tubular diffuser can transport air into the water through pipes, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the water and promoting the decomposition and removal of organic matter.
● Tubular membrane diffuser usually consist of aeration tubes, aeration heads, air-water mixing chambers, etc.
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Product Description

In terms of its appearance, the aeration diffuser can be divided into disc diffuser and tube diffuser. Functions of aeration equipment: 

1. Increase dissolved oxygen in water to provide oxygen for water treatment microorganisms. 

2. Increase dissolved oxygen in water to provide oxidant oxygen for iron removal.

3. Increase the air content in the water. During the decompression process, bubbles will form on the surface of oil impurities, and float them up for separation and removal.

4. Pretreatment, increase the oxygen content in the water, prevent the water from putrefaction, form a certain stirring effect on the water, and prevent the deposition of substances in the water. There are also many functions. According to different purposes, the function of aeration is different.

Product Parameter

                                             Technical parameters of tube aerator
TYPE Φ67*500 Φ67*750 Φ67*1000
Size(Φ*Lmm) 67*500 67*750 67*1000
Oxygen 1.5m 14-17% 14-17% 14-17%
transfer 3.0m 15-23% 15-23% 15-23%
rate 5.0m 23-32% 23-32% 23-32%

6.0m 34-39.5% 34-39.5% 34-39.5%

7.0m 31-45% 31-45% 31-45%
Ventilatory capacity(m3/h) 1.7-6.8 3.4-13.6 3.4-17.0
Design ventilation 4.0m⊃3;/h 5.5m⊃3;/h 7.5m⊃3;/h
Service area 0.82-1.26 0.98-2.11 0.98-2.35
number of openings 8080 12300 16880
Bubble diameter 0.8-2.0mm 0.8-2.0mm 0.8-2.0mm
pressure loss 17-42cm 17-41.5cm 17-40cm
Oxygenation capacity fine aeration: 7.5kgO2/KW.h(under water 5m)
small : 3.5-4.8kgO2/KW.h(under water 5m)
Extension capacity ﹥600%
Tensile strength ﹥13.8*103kpa

Product Advantage

·High efficiency:

The bubbles of the tube air diffuser are evenly distributed in 360 degrees, and the aeration effect is good. It can provide a large amount of oxygen to promote the growth of microorganisms in sewage and degrade organic matter.

·Not easy to block:

Air diffuser pipe is cylindrical. When re-aeration, there is less sludge sedimentation, small pressure loss, and the surface of the aerator is not easy to be blocked.

·Simple maintenance:

The maintenance of the air diffuser tube is relatively simple. Frequent replacement of parts is not required. Corrosion-resistant materials are also selected according to different use environments, and the service life is long. Low operating energy consumption can save energy and reduce operating costs.

·Environmental protection and energy saving:

The tube bubble diffuser will not affect the surrounding environment and will not produce harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment.

Product Application

Membrane tube diffusers are mainly used for oxygenation of urban sewage and organic industrial wastewater treatment systems. It is suitable for wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants, aquaculture, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, textile, food and other industrial fields.

Tube air bubble diffuser can be used in sewage treatment plants

Tube air bubble diffuser can be used in sewage treatment plants

Tube fine diffuser can be used in aquaculture

Tube fine diffuser can be used in aquaculture

Tube oxygen diffuser can be used in the chemical industry

Tube  oxygen diffuser can be used in the chemical industry

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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