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Industrial Sand Filters for Wastewater Treatment

● Quartz sand filter uses quartz sand as filler, which can be used to remove impurities in water, and is generally used as pretreatment for pure water equipment and mineral water equipment.
● Sand filter for water tank is one of the most effective means of removing suspended solids in water, and is an important unit in advanced sewage treatment, sewage reuse and water supply treatment.
● Its function is to further remove the pollutants that have been flocculated in the water. It achieves the purpose of water purification through the interception, sedimentation and adsorption of the filter material.
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Product Description

Product Diagram


Product Parameter

Technical Parameters of industrial water sand filters

Quartz sand filter Processing effect Inlet water 10-20mg/L,outlet water 2-5mg/L
Inlet water <10mg/L, outlet water<2mg/L
interception capacity 5-15kg/m3;
Working Environment Parameters Operating temperature:5-60℃(Special temperature can be customized)
Work pressure:≤0.6Mpa;
Test pressure:0.75MPa;
Inlet water pressure:≥0.04MPa;
Backwash water pressure:≥0.15MPa;
Import and export pressure difference:0.05-0.1MPa。
Operating parameters Working method: pressure type;
Operation mode: water flow from top to bottom;
Filtration speed:10-12m/h;
Operation cycle:≥8h;
Backwashing method: water washing, or combined backwashing with air and water;
Backwash strength:14-16L/s·m2;
Backwash duration:15-30min;
Backwash expansion rate:30-50%。
Material Fiberglass, stainless steel, carbon steel lined with rubber or coated with epoxy resin
Way of working Manual, electric, pneumatic, multi-way valve head

Models of industrial sand filters water treatment

Model Processing capacity(m3/h) water inlet water outlet Cylinder(mm) Backwash flow
Total height(mm)
QS-300 0.7~0.8 DN25 DN25 Φ300 4 1400
QS-350 1.0~1.2 DN32 DN32 Φ350 5 1400
QS-400 1.3~1.5 DN32 DN32 Φ400 6 1650
QS-500 2.0~2.4 DN40 DN40 Φ500 10 1750
QS-600 2.8~3.4 DN50 DN50 Φ600 14 1950
QS-750 4.4~5.3 DN65 DN65 Φ750 22 1950
QS-800 5.0~6.0 DN65 DN65 Φ800 25 1950
QS-900 6.4~7.6 DN80 DN80 Φ900 32 2200
QS-1000 7.8~9.4 DN80 DN80 Φ1000 40 2200
QS-1200 11.3~13.6 DN100 DN100 Φ1200 57 2400
QS-1400 15.4~18.5 DN100 DN100 Φ1400 78 2400
QS-1500 17.7~21.2 DN100 DN100 Φ1500 89 2400
QS-1500 17.7~21.2 DN100 DN100 Φ1500 89 2950
QS-1600 20.1~24.1 DN125 DN125 Φ1600 101 3000
QS-1800 25.4~30.5 DN125 DN125 Φ1800 128 3100
QS-2000 31.4~37.7 DN150 DN150 Φ2000 158 3300
QS-2200 38.0~45.6 DN150 DN150 Φ2200 191 3400
QS-2400 45.2~54.3 DN150 DN150 Φ2400 228 3500
QS-2500 49.1~59.0 DN150 DN150 Φ2500 247 3550
QS-2600 53.1~63.7 DN200 DN200 Φ2600 267 3700
QS-2800 61.6~73.9 DN200 DN200 Φ2800 310 3800
QS-3000 70.7~84.8 DN200 DN200 Φ3000 356 3900
QS-3200 80.4~96.5 DN200 DN200 Φ3200 405 4000
QS-3400 90.8~109 DN250 DN250 Φ3400 457 4100
QS-3600 101.8~122.1 DN250 DN250 Φ3600 513 4200

Product Process

●Water enters the fiter via the inlet and spreadsevenly onto the media.

●Solids and organic materials are trapped within the media.The clean water passes through the media and flows out via the nozzles.

●The back flushing process is done by shutting the inlet of the filter and allowing the water to enter from the bottom,lifting the media and releasing the solids that exit the filter through the back flush manifold This process can be controlled full automatically.

Industrial Sand Filters

Product Application

Industrial sand filter water treatment is suitable for drinking water filtration and other water purification treatment, and is more suitable for the pre-treatment and circulating water treatment of production water such as petroleum, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, thermoelectricity, printing and dyeing, tanning, food, etc., as well as the recycling of sewage.

Water tank sand filter can be used in petroleum industry

Water tank sand filter can be used in petroleum industry

Multigrade filter water treatment can be used in metallurgical industry

Multigrade filter water treatment can be used in metallurgical industry

Sand filter water tank can be used in chemical industry

Sand filter water tank can be used in chemical industry

Product Advantages

● Compact structure: 

The sand filtration tank integrates coagulation reaction, filtration and continuous cleaning. The water treatment process is simplified, the floor space is small, the structure is simple, and the installation and operation are flexible and convenient. It reduces the energy consumption and labor management costs of multiple links in the raw water treatment process, and reduces the difficulty of operation.

● Easy to operate:

The auto backwash sand filter can be divided into manual type and fully automatic type. The manual type mainly controls the operation, forward washing, and backwashing of the filter through the adjustment of the valve; while the fully automatic type controls the operation, forward washing, and backwashing of the filter through the automatic head.

● Obvious effect:

The application of the coagulation reaction mechanism and the sedimentation mechanism can effectively remove the suspended solids and colloidal substances in the water, which is beneficial to further reduce the turbidity of the effluent in the sand filter area.

● Selected material:

The tank material can be divided into glass steel tank, carbon steel tank, stainless steel tank, and can also be made according to user requirements.

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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