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MBBR Carrier with Efficient Biodegradable Material for Water Treatment

● MBBR carrier is a new type of water treatment filler. It is an efficient biodegradable material that can effectively remove organic matter, ammonia nitrogen and some trace harmful substances in water.
● Mbbr bio media is a new type of bioactive carrier. According to the nature of the sewage, it combines a variety of trace elements, which is beneficial to the rapid attachment and growth of microorganisms.
● Choose according to different water treatment needs.
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Product Description

MBBR media is a microbial carrier which is applied for MBBR technology, providing mainly a suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms.

Working principle: When waste water flows through carrier reactors, microorganisms in the water constantly attach and grow on the internal and external surfaces of the carrier, forming a biofilm. The carrier rotates freely under the turning of the mixed liquid in the reactor, and the biofilm fully contacts the pollutants in the water and decomposes them so that the water quality can be purified.The mixed liquids are turned and the carrier is realized by the aerobic aeration or anaerobic stir.

In the aerobic biological fluidized bed process, the three-dimensional hollow filler is used as the aerobic biological carrier, and the filler is hollow structure. The filler is suspended in the water during normal operation. Anaerobic bacteria grow in the filler, which can produce denitrification to remove nitrogen; Aerobic bacteria grow outside to remove organic matters, and nitrification and denitrification process exist simultaneously in the whole treatment process.


Product Characteristic:

1. Copolymer materials are used, which will not be degraded or toxic to microorganisms after soaking in wastewater for a long time, and are superior to other materials such as PVC.

2. Special structure: the hollow filler structure consists of three layers of hollow circles inside and outside, each of which has one edge inside and 36 edges outside. It has been successfully researched and developed for many times and is formed in one time.

3. High specific surface area: the specific surface area of ordinary microorganisms is 90-180, the specific surface area of hollow filler can reach 600, and the double specific area can reach more than 860. Because of the high specific surface area, the biomass in unit volume is high, which can achieve the goal of short hydraulic retention time.

4. High activity of microorganisms. The microbial membrane growing on the surface of the filler collides due to the fluidization of the filler. Aeration washing makes the microorganism in a logarithmic growth period with high activity and high treatment efficiency.

5. The hollow filler is floating type, which is easy to replace and has a long service life.

6. Strong ability of nitrogen removal and organic matter decomposition to remove ammonia nitrogen.

Product Parameter

Item Size Hole Number Surface Area Density Packing numbers Porosity Temperature Life Span

mm rooms m2/m3 m2/m3 (pcs/m3) (%) (℃) (year)
PE01 Dia12×9 4 >800 0.94-0.98 >630000 >85 5-60 >15
PE02 Dia11×7 4 >900 0.94-0.98 >830000 >85 5-60 >15
PE03 Dia10×7 5 >1000 0.94-0.98 >850000 >85 5-60 >15
PE04 Dia16×10 6 >800 0.94-0.98 >260000 >85 5-60 >15
PE05 Dia25×12 19 >500 0.94-0.98 >970000 >90 5-60 >15
PE08 Dia5×10 7 >3500 1.02-1.05 >2000000 >80 5-60 >15
PE09 Dia15×15 40 >900 0.94-0.98 >230000 >85 5-60 >15
PE38 Dia25×4 38 >900 0.94-0.98 >330000 >85 5-60 >15

Product Advantages

● Quick start, short transformation and debugging cycle

● Large biomass, strong impact load resistance

● Save energy consumption, land space, and investment

● Flexible application, can be used in aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic sections

● Direct addition, no need Add new structures

Product Application

Mbbr filter media is widely used in sewage disposal, industrial wastewater treatment, water purification and other fields.It can be added directly to aerobic tanks, anaerobic tanks, anoxic tanks, settling tanks, and used in different stages of sewage treatment processes. It is not restricted by the shape of the tank. It can be used in various tank types. By filling the carrier The increase in efficiency can easily increase the concentration of microorganisms in the system.

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domestic sewage

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Breeding wastewater

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Industrial wastewater

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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