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Chemical Dosing Tank with PE/304 Stainless Steel for Dosing Equipment

● PE dosing tank adopts cylindrical vertical flat bottom structure.
● The dosing tank can be welded with PE flanges of different diameters, PVC joints, ball valves, liquid level gauge installation and other special designs according to customer needs to meet customer needs.
● PE storage tanks have acid and alkali resistance, collision resistance, high temperature resistance (60℃), freezing resistance (-30℃) and anti-aging properties.
● The stainless steel dosing tank has fine workmanship and supports size customization.
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Product Description

Product Parameter

                                                    PE dosing tank modle
serial number model Diameter(mm) Total height (mm) Dosing port (mm)
1 SD-40L 370 400 70
2 SD-100L 460 795 160
3 SD-200L 600 910 160
4 SD-300L 710 930 160
5 SD-400L 780 1000 160
6 SD-500L 800 1170 160
7 SD-1000L 1060 1250 260
8 SD-1500L 1300 1350 400
9 SD-2000L 1300 1650 400
10 SD-3000L 1580 2300 400
11 SD-5000L 1850 2050 400
12 SD-6000L 1850 2350 400
13                                     Can be customized

                                    304/316 Stainless steel dosing tanks parameters
Nominal volume 100L 300L 500L 1000L 2000L 3000L 5000L 10000L
Inner diameter size (mm) 500 700 900 1000 1400 1600 1800 2100
Working temperature(℃) Designed and produced according to process conditions
structure type Vertical, horizontal
Nozzle configuration Can be designed as needed if conditions are met
Tank material SUS304/316L or other materials
Size Custom(According to usage requirements and medium characteristics)

Product Characteristics

PE acid dosing tank performance characteristics

1. Use imported LLDPE as raw material and adopt rotational molding in one step;

2. Reasonable structure, no welds, and high overall strength;

3. Good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance;

4. For volumes ≤5M3, the tank body reinforcements are annular inner concave ribs. For volumes >5M3, the tank body reinforcements are annular outer convex ribs.

5. Each storage tank can be equipped with a total of two inlets and outlets, which can be in the form of wire ports or flanges. Nozzles can be installed according to customer requirements.

6. Product volume, specification and size error are ±3%. Please contact our company for tank wall thickness.

Chemical Dosing Tank Suppliers

Performance characteristics of stainless steel dosing tank

1. Operation performance

The accessories of the storage tank (such as manholes, inlets and outlets, liquid level gauges, breathing valves, etc.) are all reasonably distributed, making it easy to observe and operate.

2. Hygienic performance

The tank head is a standard elliptical or dish-shaped form, and the rounded corners are formed by Japanese flat plate hydroforming; the joints of each pipe mouth are drawn to ensure that the corner parts transition smoothly in the form of arcs and the arc radius is ≥10mm; the tank All welds of the body are welded by automatic/manual argon arc welding and processed by a stress relief machine; the internal and external surfaces of the equipment are mechanically polished to ensure the internal surface roughness Ra≤0.6μm, which effectively avoids product residue and reduces the difficulty of cleaning. Meets the requirements of sanitary tanks. The inner surface is pickled and passivated to enhance the corrosion resistance of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

3. Appearance and performance

The outer surface of the storage tank is completely frosted by an automatic polishing machine to a matt finish, with uniform polishing texture. The upper and lower heads are polished to a mirror or matt finish, with a roughness Ra≤0.6μm. The production process is hygienic and stable.

4. SD as one of the chemical dosing tank suppliers, can provide customized services and specialized guidance.

Product Application

PE/stainless steel dosing tanks are widely used in water treatment, electronics, chemical industry, food and other industries. They are an essential accessory in the dosing system.

sewage treatment

water treatment

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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