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Application of MBR membrane technology in wastewater treatment

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-16      Origin: Site

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Application of MBR membrane technology in wastewater treatment

Introduction to MBR membrane technology principles and analysis of classification characteristics

(1) Principle of MBR membrane technology

The basic principle of MBR membrane technology is to treat sewage by utilizing the permeability of water molecules in aqueous solutions. The separation membrane using MBR membrane technology can separate the water molecules in the sewage, keeping the passage of materials unchanged, and under the action of external force, the permeate can act to separate solutes and other impurities, thereby extracting Purified water can achieve the purpose of sewage disposal and water quality improvement, and better protect the environment.

(2) Classification and characteristic analysis of MBR membrane technology

MBR membrane technology is a membrane technology between microfiltration and ultrafiltration. MBR membrane technology has obvious characteristics and significance. The first is the microfiltration feature. Using MBR membrane technology to treat sewage can use the pressure difference as the driving force for separation to better separate substances. Has ultrafiltration properties. MBR membrane technology uses an asymmetric porous membrane. It can filter out particles from 5 to 100 nanometers, use the pressure difference as a driving force to split solvents, ions and small molecules in sewage, and intercept proteins, various enzymes, etc.

2. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of MBR membrane technology

(1) Analysis of advantages of treatment reaction technology

Membrane biological reaction technology and biological MBR membrane technology can be combined. And cooperation with membrane separation technology can further evolve the treatment of sewage and improve the utilization of water resources. According to MBR membrane technology, impurities in sewage can be separated with the help of membrane separation devices. And the separated organic matter such as magazines should be processed in a timely manner. At the same time, because the bioreactor limited by MBR membrane technology has a certain retention time, sewage can be treated within this retention time, improving the decomposition efficiency of organic matter and allowing effective production of sludge. Secondly, the efficiency of the treatment reaction of this technology is very high, and it can improve the quality of separation when treating sewage.

When using this MBR membrane technology for sewage treatment, there is no need to use the help of filter devices and sedimentation devices because of this The characteristics of MBR membrane technology can reduce operating costs and save. The processing device occupies less space and is cost-effective. Finally, by using this MBR membrane technology, the concentration of activated sludge in the reactor can always be maintained at a certain high level, which can better treat sewage and improve the efficiency and quality of biological treatment.

(2) Analysis of disadvantages of membrane biological reactor technology

First of all, because the components of biofilm are mainly organic organisms. In this regard, infiltration is required when treating sewage, which will absorb and filter more impurities. Some sewage has a relatively small molecular structure. When filtered, it is easy for some of the material molecules to block the infiltration pores. This results in a waste of time and affects the water efficiency of the biofilm and the quality of the water. To solve the problem of blocked permeability pores, acids or oxidants can be used to clean the membrane for better operation management.

3. Application of MBR membrane technology in various types of wastewater treatment

(1) Application of MBR membrane technology in domestic sewage

Nowadays, the main treatment object of sewage treatment facilities is urban sewage. In order to better treat sewage, improve the efficiency of sewage treatment, and improve people's living environment, large sewage treatment plants can adopt MBR membrane technology. Since the requirements for sewage treatment are relatively high and the land for construction is relatively small, the MBR membrane technology can be used to treat sewage. After treatment, the quality of domestic sewage can be guaranteed and the stability of the effluent from the sewage treatment plant can be guaranteed. When using MBR membrane technology to treat urban domestic sewage, it is necessary to examine the membrane bioreactor's removal effect of ammonia nitrogen and turbidity in domestic sewage to ensure the efficiency and quality of sewage treatment.

(2) Application of MBR membrane technology in pharmaceutical wastewater

Pharmaceutical wastewater has very complex internal components and many types of organic pollutants, which will cause serious pollution problems. When using traditional sewage MBR membrane technology to treat pharmaceutical wastewater, it mainly consumes less energy and occupies a small area. advantages, but there are also some shortcomings. The application of MBR membrane technology in pharmaceutical wastewater not only needs to ensure the efficiency of wastewater treatment, but also needs to ensure the quality of wastewater treatment. Compared with other types of sewage, pharmaceutical wastewater has a higher concentration of pollutants and is a more difficult type of sewage treatment.

(3) Application of MBR membrane technology in beer wastewater

Beer wastewater has the characteristics of relatively low nitrogen and phosphorus content, and the content of organic matter in beer is relatively high. By using MBR membrane technology to treat beer wastewater, substances such as ammonia nitrogen and SS in beer wastewater can be effectively removed, improving good removal effects. When treating beer wastewater, it is necessary to improve the removal rate of ammonia nitrogen to ensure the quality and efficiency of beer wastewater treatment.

(4) Application of MBR membrane technology in breeding and slaughtering wastewater treatment

Breeding is a pillar industry of the rural economy, but it produces a lot of breeding and slaughtering wastewater, causing serious pollution problems. And during breeding, the breeding water contains a large amount of organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Although agricultural production can be carried out, if the wastewater is not treated, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to use MBR membrane technology flexibly in breeding and slaughtering wastewater treatment to improve the quality and efficiency of wastewater treatment.

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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