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Which is Equipment Used in Wastewater Treatment ?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-08      Origin: Site

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Which is Equipment Used in Wastewater Treatment ?

Wastewater treatment refers to the process of passing wastewater generated in industry, agriculture, cities and other fields through a series of treatment processes to make it meet discharge standards or reusable water quality requirements. Wastewater treatment often involves multiple stages of treatment, and different wastewater treatment processes may use different equipment. Here are some common industrial wastewater treatment equipment:


Used to remove large solid particles in wastewater, such as sand, stones, etc. It mainly filters out solid particles in wastewater through a grid structure, thereby purifying wastewater. Grid decontamination machines are usually used to treat various types of water bodies such as domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, and rainwater.

Settling tank:

used to settle suspended particles, sediment and other solid matter in the wastewater to the bottom through gravity sedimentation to achieve the effect of solid-liquid separation, thereby purifying water quality. The sedimentation tank is usually an important component of the wastewater treatment system, used to initially remove solid particles from the wastewater and reduce the burden on subsequent treatment equipment.

Dissolved air flotation equipment:

It is a physical and chemical process used in water treatment and wastewater treatment. It dissolves air in water and then releases the gas in the flotation tank to form tiny bubbles, allowing solid or liquid pollutants such as suspended substances, colloidal particles and grease in the water to adhere to the surface of the bubbles, thereby improving the effect of solid-liquid separation. . Dissolved air flotation is usually widely used in sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment, pulp and paper industry, food processing and other fields.

Aeration tank:

Inject gas into the wastewater to increase the oxygen content, prompting bacteria to decompose organic matter into inorganic matter. It is often used in biological treatment processes.

Activated sludge process equipment:

It is a biological treatment system for wastewater treatment, mainly based on the activated sludge process. This method purifies wastewater by using active microorganisms to degrade organic waste into simpler substances in an environment with sufficient oxygen. Such as aeration tanks, aerobic tanks, anaerobic tanks, etc., are used for biological treatment of wastewater, and microorganisms degrade organic matter into inorganic matter.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR):

It is a wastewater treatment device that combines biological treatment and membrane separation technology. In the MBR system, the biological treatment unit and the membrane separation unit are closely integrated. The wastewater removes organic matter through the degradation of microorganisms in the bioreactor, and then intercepts suspended solids and bacteria through membrane separation technology, thereby achieving efficient wastewater treatment.

Reverse osmosis system:

It is an efficient membrane separation technology used in the fields of water treatment and wastewater treatment. Semipermeable membranes are used to separate soluble salts, organic matter, etc. in water, and are often used to treat wastewater with high salinity.

Ion exchanger:

used to remove ion pollutants in wastewater and purify wastewater by exchanging ions in wastewater with ions on solid exchange materials.

Ozone generator:

Ozone is often used in water treatment for disinfection, removal of organic matter, odor and color in water, removal of heavy metals, improvement of water quality, etc. In wastewater treatment, ozone has a strong oxidizing effect and can be used to remove organic pollutants and colors in wastewater. Ozone treatment technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, no residue, and environmental protection.

Chemical dosing unit:

Equipment used to add chemicals, disinfectants, flocculants, oxidants, etc. to water treatment or wastewater treatment systems. These chemicals are usually used in disinfection, deodorization, flocculation, precipitation, decolorization, denitrification, denitrification and other treatment processes. 

The design and selection of the dosing device depends on the type of water to be treated, the water quality characteristics, the desired treatment effect, and the type and nature of the dosing agent.

Wastewater treatment control system:

used to monitor various parameters in the wastewater treatment process, realize automatic control and adjustment, and ensure stable treatment effects.

The above are some common wastewater treatment equipment. The actual wastewater treatment system may choose different equipment combinations according to the nature and treatment requirements of the wastewater.

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