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The Difference Between The Mechanical Bar Screen and The Rotary Drum Screen

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-14      Origin: Site

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The Difference Between The Mechanical Bar Screen and The Rotary Drum Screen

The mechanical fine bar screen and the rotary drum fine screen are both mechanical equipment used in sewage disposal to filter solid substances, separate solid substances in sewage, and purify water quality. Their difference is:

1. Different structures:

The main structure of the automatic bar screen is composed of a driving mechanism, a frame assembly, a transmission chain, a rake group, a grid bar, and a bottom grid.

The main structure of the drum screen filter is composed of water inlet, drum, water outlet, cleaning system, driving device and other parts.

2. Different working principles:

The mechanically raked bar screen drives the sprocket through the reducer to make the chain rake traction system rotate, and drives the rake between the traction chains to run together. Since each tooth rake is inserted into the grid bar, it can effectively send the intercepted dirt to the upper limit position of the frame. During the process of the chain turning back and forth, the dirt will be unloaded into the next program equipment by its own weight. A small amount of dirt sticking to the rake is cleaned by a special cleaning mechanism.

The rotary drum screen design is installed in the water channel at an angle of 35°to the horizontal plane. The sewage flows into the drum from the end of the drum, the water flows out through the grid gap, and the solid waste is filtered in the grid basket. The cleaning arm with rake teeth cleans the gaps in the grid when it moves in a circular motion. The rake teeth extend into the grid to take out the solids. When the cleaning arm is at a high point, the garbage is removed from the The rake teeth are removed and dropped into the screw conveyor bucket of the garbage collection device. During the conveying process, it is dehydrated by the action of variable pitch, squeezed dry in the upper compression zone, and the squeezed water is returned to the water channel, and the garbage is sent into the Container or successor equipment, and then processed.

automatic bar screen

Rotary Drum Screen

3. Different cleaning methods:

The cleaning method of the mechanically cleaned bar screen is water flushing, that is, the grille is flushed with a high-pressure water gun to wash down the dirt on the grille, and then the dirt is discharged through the sludge pump. During the cleaning process, care should be taken not to rush the water to the transmission part of the machine.

The cleaning method of the rotating drum screen is internal scraper cleaning, that is, the dirt on the grid is scraped off by the internal scraper, and then the dirt is discharged through the sludge pump. Care should be taken not to damage or jam the scraper during cleaning. There are nylon brushes and flushing water nozzles on the top of some drum grill machines to remove the grid slag from the grid gap, and at the same time convey and squeeze the dehydration through the screw, and finally pass through the discharge port at the upper end of the drum grill, and the materials fall Put it into the garbage bin or transport it out on the conveyor.

4. Different application ranges:

Mechanical coarse bar screen and rotary drum screen filter are both sewage treatment and disposal equipment, which can be widely used in urban wastewater treatment. The tap water industry, the water inlet of the power plant can also be used as the pre-screening equipment in the wastewater treatment systems process of the textile, food processing, papermaking, leather and other industries.

However, their scope of application is slightly different.

The mechanical coarse screen is suitable for primary filtration in sewage disposal plant, and is used to treat larger solid substances in sewage, such as leaves, paper, etc. The treated water quality is relatively high in turbidity.

The drum filter screen is suitable for the removal of fine particles in sewage wastewater treatment plant, and the treatment of smaller solid substances in sewage, such as sand, stones, etc. The treated water is relatively clear. The advantage is that it has a good treatment effect and can remove smaller particles. The equipment salvages and removes scum, short fibers and suspended matter from the water intake, squeezes them dry and discharges them after dehydration. It is suitable for high-precision treatment, suitable for wastewater treatment occasions with small grid gaps and shallow canal depths.

Through the above four aspects of different structures, different working principles, different cleaning methods and different application ranges, the difference between the mechanical fine bar screen and the rotary drum screen for wastewater treatment is briefly discussed.

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