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What is the working principle and application industry of screw press?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-25      Origin: Site

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What is the working principle and application industry of screw press?

The screw stacker is a common sludge dehydration equipment, also known as a screw dehydrator or screw press. Its principle is based on the rotation of the spiral and external pressure, which is used to separate the water from the sludge, thereby reducing the volume and humidity of the sludge. 

The following is the dewatering screw press working principle of the snail stacker:


The sludge is first transported to the feeding port of screw press sludge dewatering machine through pipes or conveyor belts.

▪Spiral rotation:

There is a screw shaft inside the dewatering screw press machine. When it is started, the screw shaft starts to rotate. There are usually spiral blades on the screw shaft, which move the sludge from the inlet to the outlet along the screw shaft.

▪Pressing and dewatering:

When the sludge is transported to the area of the spiral blades, the blades gradually squeeze the sludge. At the same time, the design of the blades gradually reduces the spiral passage of the sludge, thereby increasing the pressure. This process squeezes water out of the sludge, creating the effect of sludge dehydration.


The extruded sludge will continue to advance along the screw shaft and finally be discharged to the discharge port. At this stage, the volume of sludge is significantly reduced and the humidity is greatly reduced.

▪Moisture recovery:

The water removed from the sludge is typically recovered and treated. This moisture may contain some contaminants and require further treatment to comply with environmental regulations.

screw press

key point:

▪Sludge dewatering press's spiral blades and pressure-increasing design allow the sludge to be gradually dehydrated during the transfer process, reducing the humidity of the sludge.

▪Screw sludge dewatering machine are generally suitable for various types of sludge, including sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment, food processing wastewater treatment, etc.

▪Screw dewatering machine usually require regular maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the screws and blades.

▪The screw press sludge dehydrator is an efficient sludge treatment equipment that can reduce the humidity and volume of sludge, thereby reducing transportation and disposal costs. At the same time, through dehydration, negative impacts on the environment can also be reduced, such as reducing the concentration of pollutants in the sludge, making it easier to handle or dispose of.

So which industries are the screw stacking machines suitable for? The details are as follows:

Screw press machine are widely used in various industrial and environmental applications, and are particularly suitable for situations where sludge needs to be dewatered and reduced in humidity and volume. Here are some main usage scenarios:

▪Sewage treatment plant:

Screw filter press are often used in sewage treatment plants to dewater sludge. The sewage treatment plant produces a large amount of sludge. The sludge can be dewatered through the screw stacker, reducing humidity and disposal costs, while producing denser solid sludge.

▪Food processing industry:

The food processing industry often produces sludge containing organic matter, such as fruit and vegetable waste and by-products of sewage treatment processes. Volute dewatering press can be used to dewater and treat the sludge of these organic materials.

▪Pulp and paper industry:

A large amount of pulp wastewater and pulp sludge will be generated during the production process of the pulp and paper industry. Multi disc screw press can help dewater pulp sludge, reduce humidity, and reduce handling and disposal costs.

▪Mining and metallurgical industry:

In the mining and metallurgical industry, the wastewater produced usually contains solid particles, and volute sludge dewatering machine can be used to dehydrate the solids in these wastewaters and reduce emissions.

▪Chemical industry:

Wastewater and waste sludge generated during the production process of the chemical industry may contain various organic and inorganic chemicals, and the screw stacking machine can be used to dewater and treat these wastes.

▪Municipal Engineering and Construction Engineering:

Dewatering press machine can also be used to handle mud and sludge in municipal engineering and construction engineering, such as excavation mud, tunneling waste, etc.


Breeding farms and livestock farms usually produce a large amount of livestock and poultry manure. Using a snail stacker can dehydrate these organic wastes, reduce humidity, and facilitate processing and disposal.

Overall, snail stacker sludge dehydrators are widely used in various industries, helping to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment and waste disposal, reducing the burden on the environment, while producing drier solid waste, making it Easier to handle or dispose of. Using a screw stacker can improve resource recovery and environmental protection benefits.

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