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Automatic Multiport Valve For Water Pure System

● Versatility: Can perform a variety of operations, such as filtration, backwash, flushing, circulation, discharge, etc.
● Automatic control: With automatic control function, you can perform operations according to preset conditions and schedules.
● Efficient filtration: Optimize the water treatment process, improve filtration performance, and ensure clean water quality.
● Durability: Usually made of corrosion-resistant materials, with long life and stability.
● Fast operation: can quickly switch between different operation modes, improve the system response speed.
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Product Description

Product Parameter

                                                  Automatic multi-way valve model parameters
Model 63502P 63504P 63602PP 63404P 73602P 73604P
Inlet/outlet 3/4''F 1''F 3/4''F 1''M 3/4''F 1''M
drain outlet 3/4''F 1''F 1/2''M 1/2''M 1/2''M 1/2''M
Salt sucking mouth / / 3/8''M 3/8''M 3/8''M 3/8''M
base 2.5''-8NPSM 2.5''-8NPSM 2.5''-8NPSM 2.5''-8NPSM 2.5''-8NPSM 2.5''-8NPSM
central tube 1.05''OD 1.05''OD 1.05''OD 1.05''OD 1.05''OD 1.05''OD
Displacement (m³/h) 2 4 2 4 2 4
Matching tank (in) 6''-10'' 6''-12'' 6''-12'' 6''-18'' 6''-12'' 6''-18''

Product Advantages

1. Adopt high degree pottery, corrosion proof, perfect sealing

2. No water flows out in the drain line when in washing position with signal tank valve

3.  Adopt LED screen, the color move to flicker during service, Otherwise the control valve is during washing

4. Keyboard lockout function: the screen will automatically lock if no operate more than one minute

5.  Indication and parameter saved after power off

6. The interval back-wash time can be set (suitable for F68,69),multiple operating in service with one time

backwash. Saving salt and water.

7. Bypass available for valves

8. It could set repeat-washing

9. Signal port control output

10. Remote handle input signal

Product Type


Usage situation

In water treatment systems, water treatment multi-way valves are usually used in the following situations:

1.Filter cleaning: Multi-way valves can be used to control the pumps and pipelines associated with the filter to distinguish between normal filtration and cleaning processes.

2. Softener recovery: The multi-way valve can be used to control the water flow so that the softener can discharge the saturated resin bed for regeneration when adding brine.

3. Disinfection water treatment: During the disinfection process, multi-way valves can be used to control different water flow directions and dosing devices to achieve sterilization effects.

4. Sludge treatment: During the sludge treatment process, multi-way valves can control the flow direction and are used in systems such as double ponds and meadows.

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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