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Chemical Dosing System for Water Treatment

● The chemical dosing device is a complete set of equipment that integrates dosing, stirring, liquid transportation, and automatic control.
● The chemical dosing units is configured in the mixing box according to the required concentration of the agent. After being stirred evenly by the agitator, it is put into the solution box and a metering pump is used to transport the prepared solution to the dosing point or designated system.
● The volume of the solution tank in the dosing unit can be selected according to the amount of dosing, and the materials include PE, PVC, PP, and PTFE.
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Product Description

The fully automatic chemical dosing device is a utility model water treatment equipment specially designed to optimize the operation of the circulating water system. It realizes the metered addition of chemicals to the system through the mechanical pulse action of the metering pump and the principle of stroke adjustment.

It mainly includes solution tank, metering pump, filter, solenoid valve, check valve, water level gauge, pressure gauge, control cabinet, installation platform, etc., which are integrated and installed on a base. The user only needs to place the combined dosing device in the dosing room, connect the dosing pipe and connect the power supply to start operation. During the operation, the PH of the fluid is automatically detected and the corresponding liquid is added.

Product Parameter

model Volume(m⊃3;) Flow( L/H) Pressure  (Mpa) Power(KW) Outlet diameter(mm) Dimensions(L*B*Hmm) Dosing method Material of medicine dissolving box Pump
SD-0.25 0.25 16 1.0-2.6 0.55 DN15 1500*700*1300 Manual/automatic PE/PVC/PP/PTFE diaphragm dosing pump
SD-0.5 0.5 32 0.55 DN20 1600*1000*1500
SD-1.0 1 48 0.55 DN15 2000*1200*2000
SD-1.5 1.5 125 0.55 DN25 2200*1600*2100
SD-2.0 2 310 1.10 DN25 2200*1600*2200

Product Advantages

1.Various proportions of water treatment chemicals can be added arbitrarily, and the measurement data is accurate.

2.Automatic operation, easy operation, simple maintenance, large dosing capacity, accurate and constant dosing amount, and adjustable dosing amount.

3.Installation, use and maintenance are simple and convenient.

4.Strong corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, safe and reliable.

5 the system can be remotely controlled and integrated into the computer management system as required.

Product Application

It is mainly used for boiler water supply, circulating water, adding hydrazine, phosphate and other treatments in power plants. It can also be used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, water supply systems and other industries.



power plant

Power Plant

Oil industry

Oil Industry

The dosing device is also used in conjunction with the dissolved air flotation and the sludge dewatering screw press. Whether the dosage is reasonable is the key to determining the quality of treated water.

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