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ULP Series RO Membrane For Reverse Osmosis Filter

● Reverse osmosis membrane is a key water treatment technology that is widely used to purify and filter water to remove various pollutants, salts and microorganisms from it.
●RO membranes are usually composed of multiple layers of membranes, of which the innermost layer is the key part of the RO membrane and is responsible for water separation.
●You can select and customize it based on factors such as application needs, water source quality, and treatment goals.
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Product Description

Product parameter

                 Model Active Membrane Areaft2(m2) Average Permeated Flow GPD (m3/d) Stable Rejection Rate (%) Minimum Rejection Rate (%)
ULP21-8040 365(33.9) 11000(41.6) 99 98.5
ULP12-8040 400(37.0) 13200(49.9) 98 97.5
ULP22-8040 400(37.0) 12100(45.7) 99 98.5
ULP32-8040 400(37.0) 10500(39.7) 99.5 99
ULP11-4040 90(8.4) 2700(10.2) 98 97.5
ULP21-4040 90(8.4) 2400(9.1) 99 98.5
ULP31-4040 90(8.4) 1900(7.2) 99.4 99
ULP11-4021 36(3.3) 1000(3.78) 98 97.5
ULP21-4021 36(3.3) 950(3.6) 99 98.5
ULP31-4021 36(3.3) 850(3.2) 99.4 99
ULP21-2540 30(2.8) 750(2.84) 99 98.5
ULP21-2521 14(1.3) 300(1.13) 99 98.5

Product advantage

High impurity-holding capacity and extended lifespan.

Reduced need for replacement, leading to cost savings in labor.

A sealed interface minimizes the risk of bypass flow, enhancing filtration efficiency.

Easy installation and reduced labor costs.

Widely applicable across diverse fields due to their extensive range of chemical uses.

Product application

● In the realm of potable water production and the food sector.

●For the purification of acidic solutions during chemical processes.

●In the bio-pharmaceutical industry, for the filtration of active pharmaceutical ingredients, solvents, and water.

●Utilized in systems for recycling water and promoting environmental conservation.

●Employed in the desalination of seawater.

●Applied in the pretreatment of groundwater, surface water, and reverse osmosis processes.

RO system membranes

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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