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Honeycomb Inclined Tube Packing for Sedimentation Tank

● Honeycomb inclined tube packing is available in three materials: PP, PVC, and FRP.
● The structure of the honeycomb inclined tube packing has a larger opening ratio, making it easier for liquid to transfer inside the packing.
● Inclined tube packing is a kind of packing used in chemical engineering, environmental protection equipment and petrochemical industry.
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Product Description

Product description

Inclined tube packing is a sedimentation device developed in the shallow pool theory and is widely used in water treatment.

Sedimentation tanks and sedimentation equipment. It is currently the most widely used and mature water treatment plant equipment in water supply and drainage projects.

The main characteristics of inclined tube packing:

● Large wetted perimeter and small hydraulic radius.

● The laminar flow state is good, and the particle settlement is not disturbed by turbulent flow.

● When the length of the honeycomb inclined tube is 1 meter, the effective load is designed to be 3-5 tons/m2, V0 is controlled within the range of 2.5-3.0 mm/second, and the effluent water quality is the best.

● Using an inclined tube sedimentation tank, its processing capacity is 3-5 times that of an advection sedimentation tank, and 2-3 times that of an accelerated clarifier and a pulse clarifier, thus reducing the floor space.

● The amount of sludge is small, which reduces the workload of post-processing such as sludge dehydration; the sludge produced has good settleability, which is beneficial to the removal of suspended solids in the later stage.

Honeycomb Inclined Tube

Honeycomb Inclined Tube Packing for Sedimentation Tank

Inclined Tube Packing Manufacturer

Inclined Tube Packing

Product Parameters

Specifications and parameters of inclined tube packing
Specification thickness mm Piece number m2 weight m2/KG Specific surface area n2/m3
¢30 0.4 60 32 31.25 116
0.45 60 36 27.7 116
0.5 60 40 25 116
¢35 0.4 40 26 38.5 109
0.45 40 29 34.5 109
0.5 40 32.5 30.7 109
¢50 0.45 30 21 47.6 97
0.5 30 23 43.5 97
0.55 30 25.5 39.2 97
¢60 0.55 30 21 47.6 75
0.6 26 23 43.5 75
0.65 26 25 40 75
¢80 0.7 20 22 47.6 50
0.8 20 25 43.5 50
0.85 20 27 40 50

Product Application

Inclined tube fillers are mainly used in sedimentation tanks to improve sedimentation efficiency and save space. Inclined tube filler is a kind of filler with a special structure. Its surface is slope-shaped. It is usually used to increase the surface area of the sedimentation tank, thereby increasing the chance of particle precipitation.

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