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TPAD PAC/PAM Dosing System for Wastewater Treatment

● The automatic dissolving and dosing device is an automatic, continuous and integrated flocculant dissolving and dosing device.
● The fully automatic integrated dosing unit consists of a box, dry powder dosing system, solution stirring system, control system, and liquid dosing system.
● The PAC/PAM dosing machine can be started and put into operation when the power is turned on, which can greatly reduce the workload of design and on-site construction, and basically achieve unattended operation, which provides a reliable guarantee for the quality, safety and on-site operation of the entire machine.
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Product Description

Auto PAC/PAM Dosing System for wastewater is installed before Spiral Type Sludge Dewatering Equipment. It is used in PAM/PAC dosing dissolving mixing and solution dosing. It consists of triple cavity case, dry powder addition system, liquid mixing system, control system, liquid injection system.

Product Working Principle

This device is flocculating agent automatic continuous preparation and addition system. Dry powder flocculating agent from spiral propeller to instant device premix with clean water, the wet agentia goes into mixing tank for mixing and diluting,prepare it with the concentration requirement; if it is a liquid flocculant, it is directly injected into the preparation tank by the screw pump. If it is a liquid flocculant agent, it is directly injected into the preparation tank by the screw pump. In the preparation process,The water inflow must be relatively stable under the observation of the flowmeter, to ensure that the concentration is no change in whole working process.

Product Parameter

Model Liquid output Dosage of medicine Cabinet size((L*B*H))mm Total equipment height(mm)
SDJY-500 500L/H 0-30kg/H 800*150*950 1700
SDJY-1000 1000L/H 0-30kg/H 1000*2000*950 1700
SDJY-1500 1500L/H 5-50kg/H 1000*2000*950 1700
SDJY-2000 2000L/H 5-50kg/H 1000*2000*1100 1800
SDJY-3000 3000L/H 5-50kg/H 1200*2500*1200 1800
SDJY-4000 4000L/H 6-60kg/H 1200*3000*1200 2200
SDJY-6000 6000L/H 10-70kg/H 1500*3000*1400 2300
SDJY-9000 9000L/H 10-70kg/H 1500*4500*1400 2300
SDJY-10000 10000L/H 10-70kg/H 1500*5000*1400 2300
SDJY-12000 12000L/H 10-70kg/H 1500*6000*1400 2300
SDJY-14000 14000L/H 15-80kg/H 2000*4000*2000 2800
SDJY-20000 20000L/H 20-100kg/H 2000*5000*2000 2800

Product Advantages

1.  Automatic batching, dissolving, with one integration design, fully automatic running.

2.  Quantitative medicine dispensing device measured accurately,with stepless transmission drive,It is convenient to adjust the feeding amount,The concentration range of the dispensing medicine is large.

3.  With the functions of liquid level detection, flow control, auxiliary vibration feeding and so on,high level automation.

4.Highly integrated integrated equipment with fully automated control functions.

5.The equipment is small in size, simple to operate and easy to install.   Only water and power are needed on site.

6.It has good corrosion resistance and is made of engineering plastics and stainless steel in contact with the medium.

7.The metering pump is a suction-type installation, which is not easy to block, has long trouble-free operation time and low operating costs.

Product Application

It is mainly used in municipal sewage, food, beverages, slaughtering and breeding, printing and dyeing, papermaking, leather, pharmaceuticals and other occasions where polymer solutions are used. It is used for dosing and disinfection in various industrial wastewater treatment and sewage disposal.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment

The dosing device is also used in conjunction with the air flotation machine and the screw press dewatering. Whether the dosage is reasonable is the key to determining the quality of treated water.

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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