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Inclined Plate Settler for Sewage Disposal

● Inclined Plate Settler is a device used to suspend suspended solids and suspended particles, and is widely evaluated in the fields of water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, and sludge treatment.
● Composed of reaction mixer, packing area and clear water area.
● Customize the sedimentation tank according to the quality and flow of sewage influent, the concentration of suspended solids in sewage and your process requirements.
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Product Description

Product Description

Inclined plate settler can be equipped with a dosing device.

In order to enhance the sedimentation effect and improve the treatment efficiency, we generally need to add chemicals to the sedimentation tank. The principle of dosing in the sedimentation tank is to promote the precipitation of suspended solids and organic matter in sewage according to the chemical reaction of the substances contained in the medicine, and to remove some difficult-to-degrade organic pollutants. At the same time, the agent can also adjust the pH, ion level and solubility of sewage.

Sedimentation Process

Sewage settling tank is an important part of the wastewater treatment system, and its main working principle is to purify the wastewater by separating the solid particles and suspended matter in the wastewater by means of static and gravity settling. The following is an introduction to the working principle of wastewater sedimentation tank:

● Wastewater enters the settling tank: first, the initially treated wastewater is directed into the settling tank. This effluent usually contains a variety of solid particles, suspended matter, organic matter and other pollutants in the wastewater.

●Resting and Mixing: Once the effluent enters the settling tank, it is temporarily rested to give the solid particles a chance to sink to the bottom. Often, settling tanks also have agitation or mixing equipment to ensure that the solids in the water are evenly dispersed for better settling.

●Sedimentation process: In a sedimentation tank, due to gravity, the solid particles start to gradually sink to the bottom and form a bottom mud or sludge layer. This process is called sedimentation. Meanwhile, the clear water portion of the effluent remains in the upper part of the tank.

●Separation of clear water: Once the solid particles have settled to the bottom, the relatively clear water in the upper part is removed or flows out of the settling tank into a subsequent treatment stage, such as a biological treatment tank or other wastewater treatment equipment.

●Sludge Treatment: The sludge or substrate layer at the bottom of the settling tank requires periodic cleaning and treatment. These bottom sludges contain solid particles and organic matter and can be treated by different methods, such as sludge thickening, digestion or drying, to reduce the volume of waste and minimize the impact on the environment.

water settling tank

Product Parameter 

Capacity (m3/h) flooded(mg/L) out of water(mg/L) settling time(min) Inlet pipe diameter(mm) Outlet pipe diameter(mm) Total Processor Weight(kg) Dimensions(L*B*H) (m)
NCD-I 40-60 6000-10000 <100 <15 100 150 16000 8*3.6*8
CYCD-II 120-170 6000-10000 <100 <15 250 250 33000 13*4*8

Precipitator structure 4 combined crossflow
single pool capacity (m3/h) 60-80
Settling time(min) <15
Influent Suspended Solids Concentration(mg/L) <500
Effluent Suspended Solids Concentration(mg/L) <150

Product Features

1.New structure design with exponentially settlement area increasing and greatly settlement capacity improving;

2.The inclined lamella plate makes settling matters re-agglomerate,which magnifies the particle matters and sludge can be easily to sediment

3.Lamella clarifier creates a good laminar flow condition with good precipitation effect;

4.The sinking sludge concentration increases;

5.Sewage removal is stableand there is no sludge coverage

6.Significantly save floor space.

7.PVC material is selected as the inclined plate material.which has hiaher strenathand is not easy to collapse,

8.The whole plate can be removed and maintainedeasily

9.It is equipped with back-washing machine which can prevent sludge from silting on the inclined plates

Settling Tank Function

1.Efficient purification:The inclined tube settling tank effectively expands the contact area and increases the sedimentation effect in a limited space by introducing the principle of oblique flow. It can efficiently remove pollutants such as suspended solids, sediments and mud, and improve the effect of water purification.

2.High space utilization: The inclined tube settling tank adopts a compact design structure, which can save a lot of floor space compared with traditional sedimentation tanks. This is especially important in urban environments where land resources are limited.

3.Simple operation and maintenance: the operation and maintenance of the inclined tube sedimentation tank is relatively convenient. Often use unpowered drive, no additional energy consumption.

Product Application

Settling tank in wastewater treatment, it is widely used in the production fields of food, medicine, chemical industry, machinery, municipal government and other industries, and can also be used as a key equipment for domestic sewage treatment. The sedimentation tank can also reuse the treated sewage to reduce the waste of water resources.

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Machinery manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing

food industry

Food Industry

Great wealth roots in purification of sewage, which turns the Earth into a healthy planet.
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