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AX Series Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pump

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Product Description


With a reliable sliding shaft adjustment structure, stable and reliable operation, longer life.

· Oil bath lubrication, only need to change the lubricating oil regularly, lubrication system does not need special maintenance.

· With a reliable flow pattern regulating mechanism, the flow can be easily adjusted when the equipment is running or stopped.

· Adopt high strength polytetrazethylene film, corrosion resistance, long life, suitable for conveying a variety of corrosive and dangerous liquids.

· Completely non-leakage, high safety performance, can transport a variety of flammable, explosive, highly toxic, radioactive, highly irritating, highly corrosive liquid.

· High-precision check valve structure, with accurate measurement, compact structure, good sealing, long life, strong interchangeability, low cost easy installation and many other characteristics.

· It can be equipped with ordinary motor and digital controller to receive 4-20MA signal or RS485 signal to adjust the flow and carry out remote or automatic control.

· Variable frequency motor and frequency converter can be equipped to receive 4-20MA signal or RS485 signal to adjust the flow, remote or automatic control.

· Explosion-proof motor can be selected to achieve explosion-proof function, suitable for explosion-proof occasions. Can be equipped with metering pump special travel controller to automatically adjust the flow.


Model AX-A11 AX-A12 AX-B11 AX-B22 AX-B23 AX-C32 AX-C42 AX-C33 AX-C43 AX-D43 AX-D53 AX-D54
flow rate L/H 2.25 4.5 9 22 44 85 120 170 240 315 400 500
Maximum outlet pressure MPa 1.2 1 0.7 0.5
Maximum stroke length mm 1.2 4 6 8 6 8 8 10
Stroke frequency s pm 36 72 144 72 144 72 72 144 144 144 144 180
Diaphragm Diameter mm 63/36 82/45 O110/70 O110/80
Connection method Flangeless DN15 DN15(SUS)
Welded pipe DN15 DN15 DN25 DN25
Flexible tube 09XO15 O14/O20

Motor power KW 0.37 0.55
Net weight kg PVC 18 20
SUS 22 24





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